The mysterious Vladimir, KGB agent

40 years ago, the KGB set up a data collection center in Vladimir’s bunker, a Russian spy settled in Montpellier. You are tasked, with your team, with gaining access to this bunker and collecting the data. But time is of the essence! The FSB, KGB’s heir, has also been informed of your mission and will arrive shortly.

With the help of one of our agents, you have 60 minutes to download the data and flee.

Failure is not an option! France’s fate is in your hands.


The dragon slayer

Some centuries ago, a merciless dragon haunted a kingdom. Worried for his people, the King assembled his magicians, blacksmiths and knights to create a formidable sword, capable of ridding them of the threat. The dragon was hurt but managed to flee nonetheless.

Once the threat was gone, the King chose to forsake the sword and condemn it to oblivion and asked his magician to hide it. Today, the dragon has healed and is coming back with a vengeance.

The people’s hope now rests on your shoulders. You must infiltrate the magician’s underground castle, foil his traps and find the sword.


The prestige

In need of money, you are hired by the magician Jack Werner to burgle his eternal rival, Harry Kellar’s workshop and steal his secrets, which are of great importance to your employer.

But nothing goes according to plan. As soon as you arrive, the doors close and you’re trapped!

Fortunately, you can still communicate with your employer. He may be able to help you...

Will you risk your life trying to become a prestigious thief?