What is the goal of the game?  

In teams of 3 to 5 persons, you are locked in a room and you have one hour to achieve your specific mission and escape!

Within breath-taking scenaries, you’ll be given 60 minutes (and not one more!) to resolve enigmas, find secret paths and accomplish a mission.

During the entire time of the mission, a Game Master will follow your evolution thanks to cameras and microphones and help you with clues. No specific knowledge is required to play the game, you just need imagination, a bit of logic and a great team spirit!

What are the languages available?  

We can welcome you in both French and English if you wish. You just need to indicate it during the booking in checking “Game language ENGLISH”.

If you want to play in english, just mention it during the booking process by checking the box “Game’s language ENGLISH”.

The Game’s missions are they all available for all?  

During summer, winter, with your family, friends or colleagues… The Game is available for all!

No physical efforts will be needed. In addition, no specific knowledge is required to play you just need imagination, a bit of logic and a great team spirit!>

Can children participate?  

Of course!
Nevertheless, the minimum age is 10 and an adult is mandatory.
From 15 years old, it is not mandatory anymore.

What is the size of the team?  

6 missions are designed to be played at 3, 4 or 5 players maximum.

How can I do to play in different teams?3- Is it possible to play at 2?4- Is it possible to be 6 in the same mission?5- What can I do if one player cannot come on the D day?

You already made a booking and unfortunately, one player is finally missing? No worry! Places are not nominative and you can findsomeone else at the last minute!

Is it possible to organise a professional event?  

We reguarly welcome companies for team building sessions, a seminar or even just an informal night.
You can read our Professional Events page to learn more about your team building organisation.

Is it possible to organise a bachelor or bachelorette party  

You would like to organise a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party? There are many occassions to spend a great hour with friends and family!

Are we really locked?  

You will be locked up in a room if you want to complete the mission successfully. However, in case of emergency, you will be able to leave the place thanks to an emergency box.

Is it recorded  

The Game Master follows you during your mission with cameras and microphones but nothing is recorded.